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Marble, onyxes, alabaster laminated to glass.Using a special procedure of lamination we combine excellent mechanical properties with transparency and light weight. If you choose a front glass lamination a deep glossy effect is also added on the appearance ofyour precious marble and stones.


                         Glass + Marble



DIMENSION: Maximum dimension 2000x3000mm. The thickness is depending the laminated materials

GLASS: Float,Low Iron, Tempered etc in various thicknesses from 4mm to 10mm.

STONE: Marble, onyx, alabaster, granite, quartz etc in various thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm.

CUTTING: With water jet machine.Except the tempered glasses which are produced in fixed sizes only . 

APPLICATION: Indoor like illuminated walls,floor,vanity tops,ceiling,shelves etc. Outdoor for façade cladding. 

QUALLITY STANDARDS: Production process according EN ISO 12543-4:2011